MESHA’s Integrated Storage Technology (MIST) is a unique hybrid system that combines the best attributes of the battery (high energy storage) and the ultra-capacitor (high power delivery with much less storage) for a revolutionary solution that can enable reliable renewable energy on a global scale. MIST is comprised of two main components, the hybrid ultra-capacitor (HUC) and the energy management system (EMS).


Energy storage that is more efficient, affordable, and reliable for the applications that need it. 


about The HUC

Developed at the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore, India, the HUC was enhanced, patented and commercialized by Mesha Inc. When combined with a lead acid or Li-Ion battery, the HUC can meet the needs of both power and energy density applications with quick charging and an extended life (over 100,000 charge/discharge cycles) regardless of usage patterns (day or night), reducing cost.

For example, in a typical 3KW micro-grid system, using the HUC reduces battery replacement costs by 48%.


about The ems

Developed by Mesha Inc., the EMS manages energy storage with intelligence, charging and discharging the HUC and battery for different voltage levels to deliver power loads on demand. This minimizes the negative effects from solar variations by providing a smooth charging current and managing the load surges.


The EMS software also supports various subsystems like Charging Algorithm (P&O technique) and Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) and automatic handling of protections from short circuits, high temperature, over input voltage, over load, output low voltage and other protections as per the IS/IEC standards.