A smarter way to harness, store and utilize renewables.

(Even on cloudy days)


MIST is made up of three main components:

Hybrid UltraCapacitor (HUC)

This patented technology combines faradic and non-faradic elements with the cathode or positive side being similar to a lead acid battery and the negative or anode side being similar to an Electric Double Layer Capacitor (EDLC). Where traditional energy solutions fall short, the HUC offers higher power density, quick charge and discharge times, higher charge currents, longer battery life (more than 100,000 cycles), and low capacity units that can deliver high discharge currents.

Energy Management System (EMS)

With the intelligence to charge and discharge both the battery and HUC at different voltage levels plus Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT), the EMS software supports various subsystems like Charging Algorithm (P&O technique), temperature compensation, discharging algorithm and user interface. The EMS software comes with built in communication facilities with a proprietary protocol available through the USB port. It also offers various protections such as input and output short circuit, high temperature, over input voltage, over load, output low voltage and other protections as per the IS/IEC standards.

Lead Acid or Li-Ion Battery

Commercially available and non-proprietary, the battery completes the hybrid energy storage system.


Unique benefits and features:

Developed in collaboration with The Indian Institute of Science, MIST is made from recyclable materials, contains no corrosive acids, and produces zero toxic emissions, making its ecological footprint extremely low.

  • Utilizes the best features of both HUC and battery

  • Minimizes daytime battery usage, saving energy for nighttime applications or poor weather conditions.

  • Recovers from long idle periods with no active management required

  • Smoothens charging current and load requirements

  • Extends battery life and improves overall efficiency


Solar Applications:

With MIST the possibilities are truly endless. From charging cell phones and supporting DC appliances such as fans and radios to more complex applications like powering microgrids, MIST is the premiere energy storage solution available today.

  • Portable Lights

  • Street Lights

  • Home Systems

  • Microgrids

  • Electric Car Charging Stations

  • Cold Storage Facilities

  • High Power Density Applications



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