They are smaller version of electric grid powered by local energy sources that match power with local demand. These are popular in remote and rural areas where grid electricity is not available. Solar based micro-grids can make a difference between electricity and a lifetime of expensive polluting kerosene.

The Micro-grid solutions are based on the award winning patented Hybrid UltraCapacitor (HUC) technology developed by the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore and commercialized by Mesha. It is the first of its kind that combines the HUC with a battery and a powerful Energy Management System (EMS) that has been developed by Mesha. This combines the best characteristics of both the HUC and the battery. These include the following:

  • High energy density - characteristic of the battery
  • High power density - characteristic of the HUC
  • Quick charging from any energy source - characteristic of the HUC
  • Longer life - characteristic of the HUC

This solution utilizes the HUC as the workhorse and the battery as the energy reservoir. The storage energy from the battery will be utilized as and when it is required.