A Clean Energy Initiative


There is a great need to provide reliable electricity to over 1.4 billion people in the world. Without electricity over $37 Billion is spent annually on kerosene, a toxic fuel alternative that’s used for cooking and lighting. According to The World Health Organization, chronic exposure to kerosene can result in a wide range of health issues with women and children being the most vulnerable to indoor pollution caused by the toxic fumes.

In addition to the health implications, kerosene is highly flammable with reports of stove and lamp explosions causing deaths and severe burns every year. What most would consider simple, routine tasks like cooking meals and lighting your home at night are done at great risk for those forced to rely on kerosene. Renewable energy has the potential to eliminate the need for inefficient and dangerous solutions, like kerosene.

The primary barrier to implementing renewable energy on a global scale is a lack of cheap, large scale energy storage. Current energy storage solutions are primarily battery based and have short lifecycles making them highly inefficient, costly and incapable of supporting high power density applications.


Clean Energy Storage