Mesha, Inc. was formed in January 2012 to become the undisputed leader in enabling integrated energy storage technology in renewable and grid energy. Energy storage solutions have become the key enabling technology for the success of renewable energy in the off-grid marketplace. Current storage solutions that are available in the industry today are battery based and they have challenges with regards to lifecycle, efficiency and supporting high power density applications. 

Mesha has licensed, patented and commercialized the Hybrid UltraCapacitors (HUC) technology, which was originally developed at the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore, India. We have combined the HUC with battery storage systems that are available in the marketplace and have developed our own smart Energy Management System (EMS) which controls the charging/discharging of the hybrid-based energy storage system. This product is known as Mesha Integrated Storage Technology (MIST).  

The MIST product from Mesha is the first of its kind in the marketplace that addresses the storage requirements for various applications. The benefits of using MIST are as follows:

  • Manages the fluctuations of current from the solar panel so that smooth current is provided to the battery for charging
  • Leverages and smoothens the load requirements

By doing the above we are able to provide the following:

  • Improving the overall efficiency of the system
  • Extending the life of the battery (by reducing battery aging so that battery replacements costs go down)
  • Handling day time applications so that the battery can be available for night time usage

MIST has been designed for various applications such as Multi-functional Solar Lighting, Solar Street Lighting, Microgrids, Solar Home Systems, Electric Vehicle Solar Charging Stations, Cold Storage and Power Density applications.